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Hadelmia 0.4 RC2 v1.19 Pre-Alpha Stress Test Update
This is an update for Stress Test Event on Sunday 13th December 2020 at 5 pm UTC. Some Times Converted from UTC to local times: Finland - Lahti (Server locatio...
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Security / Stability update
Version 0.4 RC1.870 -Updated OpenGL support to latest 4.6. -Fixed occasianally freezing particle system. -Once again guards were causing havok (fixed again). -S...
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Major version 0.4 RC 1.8 out
New major update is now out, and requiring lot of testing. Please help me to find bugs, glithes and other oddities. Also all suggestions will be reviewed. -In...
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New graphics implemented
New monster, NPC, landtile, weapons and armor graphics are now on. I'm very happy about the results...
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TLS Tuning
Tuning TLS and minimizing connection failures due to encryption...
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Transport Layer Security (TLS) V1.2
Hadelmia is now using Transport Layer Security (TLS) V1.2. Hopefully this is not performance issue...
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