Server stability and some other fixes.

Version 0.4 RC1.666

-Fixed other player selection.
-Fixed level up to actually save it to server database.
-Adjusted moving speed of some monsters.
-Some server performance improvements.

Version 0.4 RC1.665
-Server stability fixes (need more tho).
-Fixed level up screen and level up system.
-Fixed bank vault.
-Nicer hints.
-Client down and up buffer is now 4 times larger (Does it help? I really dont know yet).
-Some minor stuff.

Version 0.4 RC1.63
-Fixed boss spawning.
-Fixed bounty quest generation database saving.
-Fixed case when only 1 gold was shown in a loot, instead of a stack.
-Fixed wrong lightlevel after you die in dungeon.
-Added Wrestling skill that increases your dodge chance by 2% per level.
-Remade other player characters memory handling (takes much less memory now).
-Fixed blinking mob names in combat.

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Jul 05, 2019

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